Photo of the Actium Classic Continuous Rotating Composter

Actium Classic Rotating Composter

The Actium Classic Continuous Composter is a 4 ft. diameter insulated rotating composting drum 20 ft. long.

It’s 250 cubic foot capacity will handle up to 1500 lb. of organics per week.

This is the original composter we began manufacturing in 2010. It is very easy to use without complicated controls or things you don’t need to easily create compost at your location.

Place it in a convenient location and add organic residue and dry carbon bulking agent in the stainless steel hopper as required. Turn the drum with the gearmotor to create room for the next addition.  As it turns, finished compost comes out the discharge end. Paddles inside the drum moves and mixes the compost as it turns. This aerates the material, and ensures all of it is equally composted. It’s as easy as that!

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