Poultry Composting

Composting Poultry Mortalities

Poultry Composting for Improved Biosecurity & Environment

You can compost your regular poultry mortalities in as little as 1 week. . Composting poultry mortalities creates a clean, pathogen and odor free compost. You can then use it as a valuable soil amendment. All that is required is a sufficient amount of a dry carbon source such as dry sawdust to be added to the drum with the mortalities.

Our rotating insulated drums helps the composting “bugs” break down organic matter faster. The insulation retains the heat created by the composting process, which accelerates composting.

When you turn the drum the material is aerated, resulting in a better environment for the aerobic micro-organisms. This helps their growth, which creates more heat. The heat is a by-product of the micro-organisms composting the organic material.Turning the poultry composting drum also mixes the dry carbon source with the mortalities, ensuring that all of the material is composted. There are no cold spots that will not be as completely composted.

Save money from other disposal options

  • No fuel needed to operate.
  • Minimal Operating Costs
  • Saves labor
  • Durable construction for a long service life

Improve your Biosecurity

  • Rodents, scavengers, wild birds  (and that pesky neighbor’s dog) are not attracted to your disposal site.
  • Less truck traffic from fuel deliveries or deadstock removal.
  • Destroys disease causing pathogens.
  • Immediate disposal of deadstock.

Improve the environment

  • No burning fuel, creating smoke on your farm, or greenhouse gas in the air from incinerating your mortalities.
  • Very little energy input from disposing of  deadstock.
  • No wild animals around the farmstead.
  • Attractive design enhances your farm.

And it’s kind of Fun!