Composting Articles

Organic materials have been composted since there was organic matter to compost. It is nothing new. However, it still can be challenging to compost properly. That is, to produce something that is safe and useful as a soil amendment. This is what we were trying to achieve when we designed the Actium Compost Drums. They …

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Composting in the Subarctic – Moisture

Regulating Compost Moisture during Hot Composting Hot composting is most effective at decomposing organic waste when moisture levels are approximately 50%.  A compost with excessive moisture will cause Low temperatures that are below 40°C (104°F); smells foul; and/or brown liquid to be visible or easily freed when squeezing compost. Excessive moisture while composting does not …

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Thermometer in Actium Batch Composter

Composting Temperatures

Hot composting: In-vessel composters, such as the Compost Drum that is manufactured by Actium Composting Equipment, creates compost quickly by using the hot-composting (also known as active-composting) technique. The key to successful hot-composting is to create a composting environment that has ample oxygen, and achieve temperatures that reach 40°C – 65°C (104°F – 149°F). This …

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