Dr. Meaghan Wilton

Composting in the Subarctic – Moisture

Regulating Compost Moisture during Hot Composting Hot composting is most effective at decomposing organic waste when moisture levels are approximately 50%.  A compost with excessive moisture will cause Low temperatures that are below 40°C (104°F); smells foul; and/or brown liquid to be visible or easily freed when squeezing compost. Excessive moisture while composting does not …

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Thermometer in Actium Batch Composter

Composting Temperatures

Hot composting: In-vessel composters, such as the Compost Drum that is manufactured by Actium Composting Equipment, creates compost quickly by using the hot-composting (also known as active-composting) technique. The key to successful hot-composting is to create a composting environment that has ample oxygen, and achieve temperatures that reach 40°C – 65°C (104°F – 149°F). This …

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